Maxim S. Marinenko
Curriculum Vitae
Personal details
Date and place of birth: August 13, 1977, Kirov Region, Russia
Nationality: Russian
Marital status: single
Offenburg University of Applied Science (Hochschule Offenburg), Germany
MBA - IBC (International Business Consulting)
09.2014 - till present
Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, University of Dundee, Scotland
International Business Law and Transactions, LL.M. (with distinction) Dissertation on topic: Responsibilities of the Commercial Mediator.
A Comparative Analysis
02.2009 - 04.2011
Moscow State Law Academy, Civil Law specialization, Moscow Diploma in jurisprudence, lawyer
09.1995 - 06.2001
Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A.Timiryazev, Moscow
Department of Economics, specialization in the Economics and Organisation of Innovative Activities,
Diploma in Agro-Industrial Complex (AIC) management, economist
Research paper is dedicated to establishing financial industrial groups in the AIC.
09.1994 - 06.2001
Professional experience
Founder and Managing Director, Commercial Mediator
  • Developed and implemented B.B.C.Group's business strategy
    as a consulting boutique of a high service quality standard.
  • As the only principal partner in the company, managed a team of up to five assistants.
  • In cooperation with selected independent professional service providers in Moscow and in more than 20 jurisdictions abroad provided services and solutions in the fields of tax and legal consultancy, litigation and ADR, international trust and estate management, real estate, accountancy and audit, intellectual property rights protection and corporate services.
09.2002 - till present
Permanent External Legal Consultant of:
Europharm (UK) Co Ltd, offices in UK, HK, Russia, Ukraine (, exclusive distributor of pharmaceutical products)
04.2012 - till present
Dynamic Development Laboratories Co. Ltd, offices in Mauritius, Spain, Russia, Ukraine (, manufacturer of the specialized nutrition and pharmaceutical preparations)
05.2011 - till present
B&T International, Inc. Moscow (,, construction manager and supplier of building materials and products)
06.2005 - 01.2009
In-house Legal Work Projects:
Bosnalijek, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Joint Stock Company, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moscow Office (, the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in Bosnia and Herzegovina)
11.2012 - 10.2013
Europharm (UK) Co Ltd, Moscow Office (, an exclusive distributor of pharmaceutical products)
05.2011 - 03.2012
ProfSnabStroy LLC, Moscow (chosen supplier of FramWindows DSK-1 LLC, window blocks manufacturing division of DSK-1, multistorey residential construction giant in Russia,
07.2002 - 08.2010
Functions Performed
  • Business support. Developed the skills of a business-minded lawyer, negotiator, contract and compliance manager, adopted proactive risk management approach, provided corporate legal education and training, functioned as a director general of a client's business unit in Russia, functioned as a corporate secretary under the UK law.
  • Legal business advising. Developed effective interviewing, advising, legal research, legal drafting and presentations skills; deepened my knowledge of Russian and international corporate, labor, tax and commercial contract law, performed legal work externally and in-house, on demand and a day-to-day basis.
  • Business protection. Developed excellent problem-solving, legal analysis and business-oriented creative thinking as well as advocacy skills, represented business interest of clients at the negotiation table and in courts with counterparties and government authorities internationally
Attorney bureau No.2, Moscow
Legal adviser

Consulted clients on international commercial law, corporate law of CIS and EU countries, and immigration issues.
05.2001 - 09.2002
Tvoya mechta, Real estate agency, Moscow
Head of department, promoted to Director

Managed a team of professional brokers dealing with residential and commercial RE transactions in Moscow, Moscow Region and abroad.
05.2001 - 09.2002
Moscow city real estate service, Moscow
Manager, promoted to the Head of department

Founded and managed the department of country RE (land, houses). Commercial Mediation. Gained an understanding of the effective application of mediation techniques aimed at overcoming differences of parties to a dispute or a complex transaction, practiced as a commercial mediator occasionally
06.1999 - 05.2001
Core skills
  • Business-minded lawyer and negotiator, possess strong managerial and analytical skills, strategic thinking, communication, legal writing and problem-solving skills; serious commitment and intrinsic motivation, able to work effectively as part of a team with people having differing cultural and professional backgrounds and solo.
  • Languages: Russian (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (basic knowledge), German (A1).
  • Computer skills: competent user of MS Office, Consultant Plus and Garant legislation databases, various SAP ERP packages, OpenProj 1.0, MS Visio 2013 Professional, Simio 7.
  • Experienced independent traveler; drive a car.
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